Sunday, 18 April 2010

Gregg's Pepperoni

This guy costs £1.19, had six pieces of pepperoni on and was slightly smaller than my hand. Those are probably the most interesting pieces of information about this little chap I can think of. I read somewhere that there are more Gregg's in the north of England than Starbucks. I don't really know what can be gleaned from this, perhaps sausage rolls are more popular in the north (likely) or expensive coffee with names that are hard to pronounce is less popular (also likely). Whatever the reason I don't think I care, sausage rolls can fuck off.

Gregg's needs to sort out their pepperoni distribution. If I hadn't specifically asked for this particularly meat-heavy guy I could have ended up paying the same price for what is known in the industry as a 'PepperNOni'. I wouldn't have been happy about that. Just thinking about it is going to cost you points Gregg or Gregg's. Also, stop hogging all the the 'G's, 50% of a name should never be made up of the same letter, that's just weird.

4 out of 10


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  2. I think it was I who told you about the Greggs:Starbucks stat, and in fact I can both correct you and astound you even more!

    Here it is: "Greggs the bakers have 1,400 stores across Britain - twice as many branches as Starbucks and 200 more than McDonald's."

    That was reported in The Sun, not that I read it there... Prospect Magazine have a little funny fact column that it was in :D