Wednesday, 14 April 2010

(%) PIZZA FIGHT! (%)

Chicago Town Deep Pan Pepperoni  VS. Chicago Town BBQ Chicken 

Woah. Pizza fight! How exciting. I thought just reading about me eating pizza might've been getting a little stale so I'm shaking things up with the welcome introduction of some cheese and tomato violence. Now these pizzas didn't have a fight in the traditional sense. I guess it wasn't really a fight, more a competition, but either way there were a lot of bad vibes. If they hadn't have been so busy being digested these pizzas would have totally snubbed each other at the end-of-game hand shake.

Because I'm an idiot and didn't think it through the photos above don't really give you any idea of the scale of these dudes. You'll have to take my word for it when I say this battle was the pizza equivalent of David and Goliath. The pepperoni guy was a fat hulk of a pizza, and the chicken dude was just a frail, prepubescent, sissy pizza.

I've never invested too much time into the whole bible thing. It's really long and someone spoiled the end for me, (he comes back to life), but there's actually some truth in there, at least if the David and Goliath chapter is anything to go by. Turns out the big one was too stodgy but the little guy had just the right amount of stodge. Way to go God. Good call.

If you're a total heathen and the biblical analogy is a bit too righteous for you then think of it like this: If Chicago Town pizzas were alcoholic spirits, a shot's manageable, but trying to drink a pint glass of gin would be pretty hard work.

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