Friday, 19 March 2010

Asda Deep Pan Meat Feast

I've already made my feelings about deep-pan pizzas clear. I'm not their biggest fan. This was probably one of the cheapest frozen pizzas you can buy, and you can tell because it's mostly air and air is pretty cheap. I'm going to make an alteration to my previous list of pizza priorities, now it goes like this: 
I put some rocket on it because I felt guilty about all the dead animals I was putting into my mouth. Although I'm not sure how me eating salad makes up for pigs being killed and eaten. If the pigs could choose between dying but accompanying one of my five a day or not dying, I doubt they'd be so noble as to jump headfirst into the abattoir on behalf of my cholesterol. But I guess that's the guilt known as the 'meat eater's burden'. 

There was some beef on there as well so I've got give props to my cows too. Cheers guys. Thanks for your corpses.

 5 out of 10

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