Monday, 15 March 2010

Tesco - Ham, Mushroom and Mascarpone

I had a pizza today. It was from Tesco. Tesco have a pretty decent pepperoni that I usually go for because it's on a seemingly never-ending half price offer, (retails at only £1.74). It's a solid choice, good balance of cheese and tomato, generous quantity of pepperoni. I'm usually pretty happy with it. However that was not the pizza I had today because there were none left.

That meant I had to break out of my comfort zone. They had this mushroom, mascarpone and ham guy that looked tasty. I chose it mainly because it was pretty big and and part of their "Tesco finest/special/extra/not shit" range. The box was black and the writing was in gold. The kind of thing the middle class have on special occasions. Needless to say this meant I had pretty high hopes. For £3.90 it needed be something special. I'd say overall I was pleased, the mascarpone was my favourite part. I've got a pretty good mascarpone joke.

This is it:

Q - What cheese do you use to hide a horse?

If I had one complaint it would be that the tomato wasn't tomato-y enough or there wasn't enough of it. I'm not sure which. Either way this pizza didn't completely satisfy me tomato wise. The ham was good. I liked the mushrooms too. Overall it was alright. If I had £3.90 to spend in Tescos I'd consider choosing it again. Or I might just get two of their pepperonis and make a calzone. That would be sweet.

The answer to the joke is 'Mascarpone' by the way. It's funny because it sounds like 'mask a pony'.

7.5 out of 10

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  1. Brilliant- love the joke explanation and the tomato analysis