Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Goodfella's Deeply Delicious Pepperoni

I generally try to avoid deep pan pizzas because you spend most of your time eating the bread, and bread, for me, is the least important part of a pizza. Were I to rank elements of pizzas in priority it would probably go like this:

That said, this was still a pretty good pizza. I generally like Goodfella's and even though this is like the most basic one they do I still enjoyed it. I think it's because they get the tomato to sort of soak into the bread so it doesn't feel like you're just eating bread, rather tomato bread. Which I guess is an improvement.

I watched a really shit film with my pizza. From Paris with Love. It was so bad. Basically John Travolta runs around Paris wearing a bald John Travolta suit being racist and awful. I usually like shit films, I have a quite high tolerance for them but this was so shit. I had a look on and even though overall, it got a pretty bad score, there were still a surprising amount of positive reviews for it. It made me doubt myself as a critic. "What if, because I can't appreciate From Paris with Love for the seizure-inducingly obnoxious pile of shit that it is, my taste in other things is questionable? Crucially: pizzas?!"

I was worried about this for about two seconds then I thought, "Nope, this film can fuck off, and my 75p Goodfella's Deeply Delicious Pepperoni pizza is pretty tasty."

7 out of 10

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