Thursday, 25 March 2010

Waitrose American Style Hawaiian

This guy was massive. It was the biggest pizza I've eaten in a while. Maybe I should put some kind of scale next to my pizzas to give an indicator of their size. Anyway this one was huge, I could of swam in it. This photo was taken from a crane, I was about 80ft in the air. Big pizza.

I got it from Waitrose and it had a little reduced sticker on so I saved a whopping 75p. Did you know that Waitrose keep files on shoplifters, and build up evidence on them over a period of months? I find that a bit scary. I always, perhaps naively, assumed CCTV in supermarkets was more of a deterrent than an actual crime-fighting implement. Like unless you went in with a large sack with a dollar sign on and a black and white stripe top how would they know to follow you around the store? Point being they have some pretty observant security guards so watch your back. 

Not enough tomato.

6 out of 10

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