Thursday, 25 March 2010

Pizza Vending Machines

Check this out. A pizza vending machine. That's a bit weird. I'm not too keen on vending machines because they're usually overly expensive and they're making you pay for the convenience of not having to talk to some grumpy shop owner and I like talking to grumpy shop owners. Also the kinds of places where vending machines seem appropriate are like train station platforms or shopping centres, where the idea is you're perhaps a bit bored and hungry but not so hungry that you'd go and get a sandwich, you just want something to nibble on like a packet of crisps or a Twix. Not the full sized (I'm guessing 10"-12") pizzas this thing spits out. Look at that:

Even I think that's a bit gross. Do they come ready sliced? Or are you meant to sit there outside the swimming pool changing rooms stuffing an entire pizza into your mouth? Apparently there's this one in Italy that even cooks them with fresh ingredients. In 3 minutes. Not ready frozen or anything. There's a window where you can actually see little robo-arms kneading the dough and putting on the toppings and stuff. I'm hoping it also twiddles its robo-moustache and robo-chuckles when it pinches a passing lady-vending machine's robo-bum. The Italian swine. Seriously though, "Ew" (but shamefully also "Yum").


  1. i saw one of these at a roller disco in vauxhall last month when moodyman was djing. best night ever. the pizza's were only £5, looked quite nice and all.

  2. Ive been a long standing advocate of the Co-op own pepperoni pizzas, at least two a week on a bad week that is. even got a bit of a technique for draining the orangy coloured grease into the sink without the toppings sliding off too. Anyway, they're great but i was astounded when I tried their Four Seasons Pizza, so much better, its gotta be a Waitrose contender..
    can we see a review of it on here please? i feel it needs a connoisseurs review to do it justice

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