Monday, 29 March 2010

Domino's Half 'n' Half, Mighty Meaty/The Sizzler

Domino's have three different pizzas that all have 'meat' as their theme. There's the Meateor, the Meatzza Pizza and the Mighty Meaty. I'm pretty sure they're all more or less the same thing. I suspect what happened is that they came up with three meat-based names and couldn't choose between them so instead made extra pizzas. I'd like to be the guy who has the job of coming up with the names for Domino's pizzas. Some of them sound quite threatening. The extra hot Meltdown: The Revenge for example. I don't know what kind of thing a pizza would want to avenge? Maybe you ate its mother? Or perhaps disgraced its family's honour by not finishing its uncle? (This depends on whether or not pizzas consider being eaten as a good or a bad thing). Either way, being spicy is a pretty poor form of revenge. Imagine if, in the Godfather, instead of the whole horse head in the bed prank they just put a chilli in the guy's sandwich. Don't mess with the Don or he'll make your lunch too spicy.

Recently I've ordered my Domino's on the thin crust because I found the regular base too stodgy but I might revert back because sometimes I think the base of the tray has got stuck to the bottom of the pizza and I've accidently eaten it. I haven't, it just really, really tastes like cardboard.

6.5 out of 10

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